Prosperity Treasure Pot 吉祥盆菜


Prosperity Treasure Pot (5 Pax)

Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Fish Maw, Canadian Scallops, Japanese Dried Scallops, Prawn, Flower Mushroom, Black Moss, Chinese Cabbage, Lotus Root, Yam, Broccoli

吉祥盆菜 (5 人份)

鲍鱼, 海参, 鱼鳔, 加拿大带子, 日本干贝, 虾, 花菇, 发菜, 娃娃菜, 莲藕, 芋头, 西兰花

* Limited orders freshly made everyday.
* Comes with a claypot with gravy kept warm separately in thermal flask.
* Order before 15th January 2023 to enjoy early bird discount and free delivery for order above $100.
* Available from 15/12/2022 – 5/2/2023 (12pm-1pm or 5pm-6pm).