Not Just for Pregnant Mums: Vinegar Pork Trotter and Its Benefits

Posted By Feng Xiang

Pork trotters can be commonly found in confinement meals planned by midwives. It is known to be a traditional healing food of confinement by the Cantonese. The reason for this is due to the many benefits it provides. Pork trotters are believed to be a recommended confinement food as it aids mothers in their milk lactation. 

In Chinese tradition, mothers during confinement are often served with vinegar pork trotters. The dish is said to be warming, restorative, and helps strengthen the body by enhancing its energy. 

We take a look at the many health benefits of vinegar pork trotters, and how everyone can enjoy the dish, not just women during confinement.

Powerful Legs That Are Mighty

Trotters and pettitoes are other names for pig’s legs. Different communities around the world eat this visually striking cut of meat in different ways. What you may not be aware of are the various health benefits associated with eating pork trotters.

Trotters have an abundance of tough connective tissues and thick, gelatinous skin. Therefore, many preparations involve long cooking processes over low heat, to help break down the tissues and make the meat more tender.

This slow cooking process also renders out collagen. Collagen is responsible for nearly all of the possible health benefits of trotters, including maintaining healthy skin, relieving joint pain, and contributing to muscle gain.

Collagen is a major component of our skin and is the reason why healthy skin looks full and has robust elasticity. Our bodies naturally produce collagen, but certain factors can cause the production of collagen to deteriorate, such as pregnancy and menopause. One study on women showed that ingesting collagen may be linked to improved skin elasticity.

Post-natal mothers’ confinement meals are high in nutritional values, helping them to recover and fight problems that may occur after giving birth. One such issue is increased hair loss. Pork trotters, when consumed in moderation, can slowly strengthen hair follicles and hair structure. The high collagen content of trotters is also known to aid in the easing of stretch marks around the tummy and thigh areas after birth.

The secret health potion

The other key ingredient in vinegar pork trotter is, of course, black vinegar. Also known as
brown rice vinegar, it is made by fermenting unpolished rice, wheat, sorghum or millet. 

Black vinegar is best known to be able to fight fatigue. It contains amino acids that help to control the build-up of lactic acid in the blood, which is responsible for causing tiredness and fatigue. A good dose of black vinegar can help relieve stress and keep irritability at bay.

This magic potion also helps to maintain the pH levels of your body, assisting in detoxifying your entire bodily system and improving your immunity. Plus, it also aids in balancing the body’s hormones.

When using black vinegar to braise pork trotters, the power of the two key ingredients is hugely magnified. The black vinegar and its high amount of citric acid not only provide a boost in maintaining the body’s metabolism levels, but it also helps in the conversion of food into energy, releasing proteins and carbohydrates. 

Sweet, Tangy, Deliciousness in a Bowl

The name ‘vinegar pork trotter’ might deter diners who are not a fan of sour tastes. But the dish is actually hardly vinegarish. Through the slow braising process, the sourness and tanginess are largely reduced, leaving just a gentle whiff of the vinegar’s scent. The braise is instead more sweet and savoury, covering the chunks of pork trotters that are gelatinous on the outside and fork-tender on the inside, minus the fattiness.

Vinegar pork trotter is a great dish to be enjoyed at any time, by both the young and the old. However, it is time-consuming to prepare, as it needs to be slow-braised to bring out the best of the dish. 

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